Connect Asus Infinity TF700 to PC for movies, music transferring


If you are a tablet fan, you must be familiar with the newest Transformer tablet Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700. The TF700 is more than just an upgrade to the Prime. It’s also a chance to represent the full potential of the Transformer line, and despite having relatively little support from the Android OS, Asus succeeds at doing just that. Have you been one of the users of this sweet Android tablet?

Recently I found a common problem in a few Transformer Pad TF700 forums: how to connect Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 to PC and to transfer some media files to it. After a wide searching and multi-testing, I figured out the solution. Here I’d like to share it with the Transformer Pad TF700 users who have met the trouble especially some newbies.

Guide: Connect Asus Infinity TF700 to PC for movies, music transferring

1. Settings: Accounts & sync: UN-tick Launch Asus Sync.

2. Settings: Storage: Tap Menu in top right corner – make sure Media Device (MTP) is ticked on.

3. Drivers may install in windows when you connect using your supplied USB cable and the TF700.

4. Finally, the 700 will NOT show up as a drive it should show up as a Device.


Most users found that the Asus Infinity TF700 used Media Transfer Protocol, not USB Mass Storage Protocol to export its internal flash storage. While, for different Windows system, you should note:

Windows 7/Vista: Windows 7 and Windows Vista have MTP support built in. Thus, just need to plug the Thrive in using the USB cables and it came up under My Computer as TF700. And then you can copy video, movie, music, etc to Infinity TF700 from PC as you need.

Windows XP: Windows XP does not have MTP support built in like Vista/Win7 does. The only way we figure out how to install MTP support in XP was to install Windows Media Player (version 10 or higher). And then you can plug the TF700 in using the USB cables and it comes up under My Computer as TF700. Now you can drag and drop media files video, movie, music to Transformer Pad TF700 from PC as you need.

After I connect my TF700 tablet to PC successfully, another problem occurred. I was able to click and drag .avi movie files to Transformer Infinity 700, they are rejected by the device. At that moment, I realized the limit of Transformer Infinity TF700 video format. AVI is not the natively compatible video format for TF700. I quickly launched Brorsoft Video Converter I purchased for my Infinity (Of course, you can get the Mac version from Brorsoft), which can bring you a fast AVI to Asus TF700 conversion. Detailed steps show as below.

1. Run the best AVI to Transformer Infinity 700 Converter, and then add your AVI files to it. It supports batch conversion.

2. Click on Format > Common video, and select H.264 Video(*.mp4) as the optimal output format for Asus Infinity TF700.

Tips: To get the best quality video for Transformer Pad Infinity, you’d better tap the Settings icon to customize the video/audio settings with best video resolution, frame rate, etc.

3. Start to convert AVI to Asus Infinity TF700 with the H.264 MP4 output via hitting the Convert button.


When the conversion ends, you can add AVI videos to Transformer Infinity TF700 for HD playback at ease. Have a good time.

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